Published on 07/24/2018 10:13 am
5 main differences between a housemaid and a professional

Before engaging House Cleaning Services, what do you really need to know about them? And what exactly is the difference between hiring a housemaid and hiring a professional? Do you really want the services of cleaning professional? What is your budget for this? These all questions have to be answered if you are looking for a best cleaning service.

  • Definitely pricing. Small household usually hire a housemaid as they are relatively cheaper as compared to a professional. Professional home cleaning and basement cleaning service usually charge more for their services even though it is a short-term project or a one-day work and some household might not be able to afford such high expenses.
  • One of the main differences between a housemaid and a professional Basement Cleaning NJ is that the housemaid probably does not know more about cleaning than you do. Most housemaid does not undergo official cleaning training before starting work so you must always give them instructions on what to do and what not to. A professional on the other hand will let you know their cleaning method and you can be more at ease when the professional is doing the work.
  • Working hours. After hiring a housemaid, you might realise that she’s suddenly getting more efficient in working. Or is it really? Could it be that your housemaid is cutting corners so that she could go home early? This will not happen if it’s a professional from a basement cleaning company as they have a schedule to follow and they most likely have to go somewhere else after cleaning your apartment.
  • Switching around. One of the advantages in hiring a housemaid is that they are often the same person. When hiring a professional from a large corporation, they usually assign whoever that is available to clean your house. This makes it hard for you to track who come your house today, and who came last Tuesday. With hundreds of employees, even the professional that come your house today might not know the professional that came last week. Besides, it would be hard to request for the same professional.
  • Insured for loss or damage. Hiring a housemaid is relatively cheaper mainly because they are not insured. A more established basement cleaning services would bond and insured their employees, therefore if there’s any damage cost by their employees to your property, you will get to enjoy some protection of the insurance policy.

So do you prefer a housemaid or basement floor cleaning services when it comes to cleaning your house or basement? Obviously you will go with the selection of professional cleaning services. Both have their pros and cons and they can cater to different needs. One good tip to note before choosing to hire any garage clean out professional is to do some research on them before engaging on their services. To find the best cleaning services you can go online and start your research by entering the suitable keywords.

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